Hello and Welcome. My name is Brandon Boucher(no relation to Bobby). I Live in Rio Rancho NM and I go to Rio Rancho high school. I like to Listen to aerosmith. If you don't like the music that is playing, you can hit the refresh Butten to hear anothere song, or to stop it you can hit the stop butten. OK? To learn more about me scroll down.
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  • waching football
  • talking with friends
  • fishing
  • camping
  • off-roding
  • hiking
  • hacking(but you did not here me say that)
  • computer games
  • Orchestra
  • The most popular games, to me, are Sim City 3000 and Panzer commander. Sim City 3000 is the most know game that me and my friends talk about. I think it is the most Anticipated software game. I got the day it came out. Panzer Commander is a WWII tank simulator. You could be the Americans, Germans, British, and Russia.
  • StuffJester
  • excite
  • lots of jokes
  • sim city 3000
  • Aerosmith Home Page
  • cool text
  • If you want to say hey or have a sugestion to add to my web page You can e-mail me!!!!